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Who We Are.

Equus Workforce Solutions® is a comprehensive provider of workforce development services in North America. Our fifty-plus-year legacy of experience encompasses the development, design and delivery of demand-driven workforce solutions.

We are drivers and collaborators for workforce systems change, including adapting to changes in legislation, job seeker demographics and market and industry changes. We do this by integrating data-driven technology, expanding access to services and streamlining partner-supported service delivery.


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Our green E and blue Q not only form the first letters of Equus but also suggest balance and fairness (equitable, equality), completing a circular whole made up of two components in equilibrium—employers and job seekers. With its crossbar entirely inside the circle, the E represents the employers we serve and the world of opportunities in workplaces nationwide. The tail of the Q, crossing the circle from outside and moving within, represents job seekers on their quest to enter the working world and improve their lives. The E’s crossbar and Q’s tail both point to the center of the circle, representing the center of our communities at large.

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What We Do.

Our portfolio of services provides a full continuum of solutions focused on increasing opportunities for individuals and families and fostering the competitiveness of business. This happens one person and one family at a time through client-centered approaches, committed team members and robust business and community partnerships.

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Integrated Systems Management

Equus Workforce Solutions serves as a catalyst for systems’ transformations. We provide assistance and share best practices with state and local government entities with limited resources as they strategize, redesign and implement innovative solutions to address changing demographics and shifting workplace demands. We have a proud history of working with our funders and community partners to implement cost-effective solutions in rural, urban and suburban areas across North America.

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Workforce Services Provision

We are intensely focused on delivering a quality customer experience, optimizing performance outcomes and maximizing return on investment. As a provider of workforce services, we use our strategies to leverage our proven talent delivery model, enabling technology tools and a support team of national experts. Our approach carefully considers local needs, resources and strategic priorities to ensure that program solutions are tailored to individual markets.

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Job Corps Centers

Our Job Corps trainees benefit from our best-in-class service delivery model, which includes subject matter experts, superior safety and quality assurance systems, results-driven performance management, exceptional customer experience, innovative training and technology, extensive community collaboration and unmatched company resources.